tantric massage, tantra

Tantra Massage and Tantric Positions

Use tantric massage and positions to spice up your romantic relationship or marriage.

by PaulaH

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The use of tantric massage and positions has long been recognized as an effective means to bring couples closer, especially in an intimate setting.  But what exactly is tantra?  Tantra is a method where the flow of energy is absorbed and shared between the couple to enhance sexual pleasure using positions and massage techniques.  The idea behind tantra is that the temporary and fleeting enjoyment of the physical sensations during sex are heightened and prolonged into something more spiritual and lasting.  Those who are particularly engrossed in the act of tantra often attempt to refrain from physical release in order to attain a higher satisfaction that involves the uplifting of the mind, body and spirit for a more satisfying, if not physical climax.

There are many degrees of tantric practice from those who dabble in it to heighten sexual pleasure to those who consider tantra to be a way of life and a belief system that encompasses all of life, including but not limited to sexual.  For those who are interested in learning about tantra massage and positions there are many schools of thought on the area and an abundance of literature available.  There are instructional videos, books and websites devoted to tantric positions for couples who want to take their intimacy to another level.

Although there are many schools of thought, it is important to get a clear understanding of the possibilities concerning tantra massage and tantric positions and how you want to apply them to your life.  Then, you should seek out the methods which will best suit your goals.  Most often, awareness of the energy surrounding you and your partner is one of the first steps in tantra.  This encompasses breathing and meditation exercises that are shared between the couple.  It allows the couple to become more in tune with one another to enhance the sexual or intimate experience.

There are other various techniques that are involved in tantra.  Tantric massage, sex magick and chakra alignment are among some of the tantric positions and techniques commonly used by those who seek a deeper understanding of the technique.  Whether you want to simply intensify your sex life or use tantra as way of life and get completely engrossed in it, there are ample resources available.  In addition to written documentation in the form of books, magazines and websites, there are also videos and audio tapes available to help walk you through exercises.  Most metropolitan areas will also have the occasional class or workshop for hands on training.

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