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Wondering if you are truly sexually compatible with your partner? Try taking our sexual compatibility test just for fun!

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Sexual Compatibility Test: From “I Will” to “I Do”

In this day and age of sexual liberation, once you have slipped that solitaire diamond jewelry on her left ring finger, you probably have engaged in a hands-on (pun intended) sexual compatibility test more than a few times. After all, what good is there in taking a sexual compatibility test on a theoretical basis when both parties can lie about sexual preferences and performance? As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

However, you can encounter some degree of difficulty when you want to ask questions from a sexual compatibility test of your girlfriend. You might just encourage her to give in to her urges, which definitely will not include the urge to run headlong into your bed.

There are, however, certain criteria you can use to determine her position on your inner sexual compatibility test scale. Of course, these criteria are not all-encompassing because women, like men, are unique unto themselves.

First on the sexual compatibility test is the issue of mutual openness – your girlfriend should be open to your sexual fantasies as much as you are open to her sexual dreams. Like most aspects of your relationship, your sex life must be a give-and-take process that involves pleasuring each other, for each other, with each other.

Second question of the sexual compatibility test is whether she takes good care of herself. Sure, expert application of makeup, generous spritz of perfume, and expensive duds can do wonders. However, you do not want to conjure up excuses out of thin air when the air around her nether regions smells to high heavens and you don’t want to get dirty down there, do you?

Third matter of the sexual compatibility test would have to be her views on open relationships. As much as curiosity killed the cat, in this case you having the audacity to ask of your girlfriend whether she will be faithful to you, many have died due to false assumptions. That said, you have to ask because it is better safe than sorry. (There’s too many clichés in here, but then again, clichés do have a grain of truth to them)

You can add other questions for your personal sexual compatibility test but these three criteria will hold you in good stead right before you propose to her. And who knows when her “I will” can become “I do” sooner than you can reach your orgasmic peak?

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