sutras, kamasutras positions

Kamasutras Positions

Sutras is a sanskrit word meaning "thought threads" and kama sutra refers to the art of love making.

by PaulaH

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The Kama Sutra is a famous work by Indian author Vatsyayana sometime before the sixth century AD.  The book deals primarily with love and sex.  The Kama Sutra has been a guide to love and sex for centuries and it is amazing how it still holds true today.  It is certainly a testament to the predictability of humans and how things never change.  Couples nowadays often use the sutras to help spice up their love life and get ideas on various kamasutras postions and techniques.  While not completely about sex, the Kama Sutra is often used by those in today’s society as a sexual manual.

Every couple should have a copy of the Kama Sutra on their night stand.  Not only is it a great read from an historical aspect but it is also practical and give couples some wonderful ideas.  Even if you are only using it to go through a list of sexual kamasutras positions that you try from time to time, you can certainly get a long list of them.  Some of the ones depicted, though, take some acrobatic skill to get through.  If nothing else, you can at least have a laugh when you are trying them.  Just take some precautions so nobody gets seriously injured with the more complicated ones.

sutras, kamasutras positions

Aside from just sex and various kamasutras positions, there are also tips in the Kama Sutra on how to treat your partner.  Seduction and love are also important sutras and there are details as to how a husband and wife should relate to one another, how each person in the couple should improve themselves to become more attractive to the opposite sex.  While some of the specifics are a bit out dated, the general principal holds true.  The tips found in the Kama Sutra can really do wonders to making you aware of how you interact and give ideas on how to improve that.

The Kama Sutra is available in English translation in both traditional and online bookstores.  You can also get audio books.  For those who want a more graphic depiction of some of the kamasutras positions and techniques there are even video companions demonstrating some of them described in the Kama Sutra.  If you are in a relationship, picking up a copy of the Kama Sutra that you and your partner can read together can by highly motivational.  It is no wonder so many couples agree that the Kama Sutra is the number one book for couples.  The Kama Sutra has stood the test of time and continues to be relevant today.

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