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Hot Sex Ideas and Adult Games

If you have been in a relationship for awhile with your significant other, you might need some hot sex ideas to spice up your love life a bit. It can be difficult to sustain an active sex life over the course of time especially when you have work to deal with or children in the household. Good sex is an important part of any healthy, happy relationship, so it is important to keep your adult romance alive throughout the course of your relationship. Sometimes some new sex ideas are needed to get you back on the right path to the relationship you had when you were running around the house like little bunnies.

Sex idea number one, which it the most important, is a commitment to each other and a commitment to regular sex and intimacy with your partner. You are probably saying to yourself that this is not really a sex idea, but you would be amazed how many people forget this one. How can you work on sex if you don't have the time to do it? You have to make time for yourselves no matter what. It is important that you regularly have some alone time, even if it means barricading yourselves in the bedroom for a few hours each week or finding a secret place you can rendevous at on a regular basis.

Sex idea number two is what I call a "human sundae". Raid the fridge for your favorite dessert ingredients like chocolate syrup, strawberries, peanut get the picture. Spread out some plastic over your sheets or whatever else you can find to protect your flooring or bedding (I like to use the Twister mat myself) and then create your own human sundae and have some fun with it. This can be a real hot sex idea if you tease each other by blindfolding your partner so that they don't know what's coming next!

Sex idea number three is to make up your own adult games to play with each other. Think of some things from the past that really got you hot and incorporate them into your game. Maybe both of you could come up with a game idea and then each of you could add your own sexy ideas to it.  Play it on date night after some dinner, wine and dessert! One idea might be a game where each of you has to take off an item of clothing or maybe you might have to honor your partners sex request. Make this sex idea super spicy and have some fun with some really hot adult games.

Everyone needs a few sex ideas and advice from time to time but the most important thing to remember is to not take your relationship for granted. Make sure you take time for one another and put some effort into becoming intimate again. Keep getting some new sex ideas to keep your sex life fresh and new!

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