Adult Love Coupons

Our sexy adult love coupons are a totally creative new twist on the traditional love coupons.  They are more adult oriented and intimate for sensual and erotic experiences with your lover.  These adult love coupons are always 100% FREE. You just print them out and redeem them with your lover.  Our sexy coupons can be used anytime or anywhere so be creative and surprise your partner with one of our adult love coupons today!

Create your own custom adult love coupons with our eLuvCoupon creator.

Day of Lazy Lovemaking Lovemaking Session Make Out Session
Morning Sex Outrageous Sexual Activity Quickie
Sensual Massage Sensual Shower Sensual Stimulation
Sexual Fantasy    

25 Adult Love Coupon Book Ideas

Adult love coupons are a great way to spice up a relationship.  You can create an adult love coupon book for any occasion just to add some interest into your love life.  Your partner will certainly be pleased and surprised with this exciting gift.  Adult love coupons are also the ideal gift for those special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and the holidays.  Whatever your reason for giving an adult love coupon book, your partner will surely get a lot of use out of the following twenty five suggestions:

1. A day of pampering
2. A foot rub while we watch a romantic movie
3. A romantic evening at your favorite restaurant
4. A bouquet of roses that we can use in the bedroom
5. One night of slow dancing
6. I’m your sex slave for the day
7. All day deep, intimate kisses whenever you want
8. You are in charge in bed
9. A romantic bath for two with bubbles and wine
10. You can breakout the video camera and play director
11. A night of erotic conversation
12. Breakfast in bed after a long night of lovemaking
13. An evening of naked Twister
14. I will send you one adult email or love letter
15. An intimate evening of your favorite cocktails we will drink together.  Naked.
16. One hour of full body massage with scented, warm oil
17. I will indulge you in one fantasy of your choice
18. I will list what I love most about your body and mind
19. I’ll let you relax while I bathe you in a bubble bath
20. One free quickie whenever you want
21. One sexy strip tease
22. Your wish is my command
23. Champagne and strawberries in bed
24. I’ll put on a lingerie fashion show for you
25. I’ll be your sexy model for erotic pictures

Use some of our premade adult love coupons or make some yourself with our very own custom eLuvCoupon creator! Simply print them out and use when needed! You can even make some adult love coupons yourself with some construction paper, or whatever materials you can dream up. When you need some extra attention from your partner, just grab one of your adult love coupons and redeem for a night of romantic bliss!

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