Adult Games

Sexy adult games are a great way to add a little spice back to your relationship or marriage.

by PaulaH

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Adult Games

It is always important to make time for one another and this is especially true if you have been together for awhile or do not have a lot of time or money to go out a lot.  If you find your love life in a bit of a rut, make some time to be together and have some fun.  You don’t have to go out.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  What you need to do, though, is have some quality time having a bit of adult fun.  Playing adult games is a great way to accomplish this.  The good part is that not only is it fun but it is affordable.  The added advantage is it is sure to get you both relaxed and in the mood for more intimate encounters.  Playing adult games can be a great way to add some excitement into the relationship.

Everyone has heard of the classic adult game of truth or dare.  This is one of those adult games that never gets old and is always in fashion.  For couples who like to have a few cocktails, truth or dare can get especially entertaining after you’ve loosened up a bit and have lost some inhibitions.  This is one of the ideal adult games to play when you are at home together and are not planning on going out.  Another classic favorite in the genre of adult games is strip poker.  Have a night of beer, cigars and strip poker to really get things rolling.  But, why stop at strip poker?  You can also have strip Monopoly or strip Clue or even strip Scrabble with a little bit of ingenuity.

One of the hot adult games you can purchase is love dice.  These have an action on one die and a body part on another.  You take turns rolling the dice to see what you have to do.  For example you may roll “kiss lips” and you have to give your love a kiss on the lips.  These sexy games are inexpensive and can be found in novelty shops and erotic boutiques.  Even if you don’t buy the specialty dice, you can assign regular dice corresponding actions and body parts by designating each number as a certain item.  Use different sized dice or different colors to differentiate the two.  Get really creative and use dice with more than six sides.

Adult games are fun to play and can add some spark into the relationship.  It’s also a great excuse to stay at home, save some money yet still have a great evening together.  It is important for couples to have some alone time and as the saying somewhat goes, “the couple that plays sexy games together, stays together”. So find some spicy adult games for you and your lover to play together!

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