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Adding Passion to a Relationship

Whether you have been with someone for a short time or have been married for many years, passion is an important aspect of a relationship.  It is pretty easy to sustain passion in a relationship when it is first starting out.  The newness has not worn off and you are still in the euphoric stages.  You have not yet had to deal with every day, mundane tasks together that may make the passion wane a bit.  If you have been together for a long time, though, you may find you do not have as much passion as you once did.  However, this can be remedied with a little effort.

Sustaining a relationship takes effort.  The more passion you work at the more will come naturally.  It will grow the more effort you put into it.  So, don’t ignore it and think it will just happen.  When adding passion to a relationship, make sure you do all the little things that will turn on your partner.  Look at them in a manner that says to them, “I want you”.  Take special care with your appearance so you are appealing to them.  Act sexy and flirt together no matter how long you have been together.

If your sex life is starting to slow, do something to boost it.  This will definitely ignite some passion in the relationship.  Even if you are tired or grumpy after a long day of working and dealing with the kids, it is important to take some time together as a couple and regroup.  Go out on dates occasionally or have alone time after the kids are asleep.  Be romantic, sexy and fun and seduce your partner.  You may be surprised how quickly passion will rush right back into a relationship with a little effort. 

It is important not to take a relationship for granted but to work on it.  This includes ensuring there is passion between the two of you.  Create seductive scenarios and be sexy with one another and the passion will follow.  Spend a day dropping hints to the other person about what you would like to do that night.  Take every opportunity to touch or whisper in the other’s ear.  Get them filled with anticipation so that when the evening arrives you are both so filled with passion that you can barely keep your hands off one another.  You will both feel a sense of intimacy and love that will continue on through your daily mundane activities if you make a regular effort to keep the passion thriving.

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